About Me

Hello, I’m Madame Nicole of Upper Westchester County, New York Metro area and Worldwide

I’ve recently purchased a naughty milking table. The WebMistress is working on the decadent website and I know you’re going to love it whether you’re a massage client or a subbie.

So, you’re asking, “what’s a milking table?” A milking table is much like a traditional massage table, except it has been customized for the comfort and pleasure of a man — no more wiggling and shifting to avoid crushing your most delicate parts. It makes for the utimate erotic massage experience.

My new erotic massage table is designed to give me maximum accessibility to your entire body while you are face down, thereby allowing you to experience erotic sensations you never felt before! Wink, wink!

OFFER TWO: CAN’T MAKE IT IN TO VISIT? I’m offering the hottest SKYPE & FACETIME sessions. Isn’t this so hot? In the privacy of your home, office or car? How naughty is that?

FaceTime and Skype sessions available. $180 per hour, $140 per half hour. Paid with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash app, amazon gift card. Please email to madamenicole@gmail.com and we’ll set it up! Lots of fun! Naughty fun, my pet. Oh yes, very naughty fun. How I love this!

I’m a sexy, sensual, sultry mature dominatrix who truly enjoys most aspects of role-play. I have some fetishes that we both may enjoy. I’m looking for a man, a naughty boy, who truly loves to serve me. I love telling you what to do to please me, because I know what I like and I’m not inhibited nor too shy to tell you.

At this time of my life, I know what makes you tick, I know how to get past your hard exterior & delve deep into your soul. I’m comfortable with these explorations, therefore, you’ll feel quite comfortable in my presence. This is what it’s like when you’re with me: comforting, relaxing, enjoyable, thrilling. We’ll both have a great time. That’s what it’s all about now, isn’t it? I love sharing my knowledge & years of experience with you, in a quiet, intimate setting.

I have the confidence of a lady that has experienced much and travelled the world. Perhaps you’d like to try something a bit different. You don’t know how to approach the significant other for the usual fears. I’m here to share this with you because I’m understanding. Truly understanding of another side of you that you may not want to expose to just anyone. Confide in me, I won’t judge you, I’ll simply explore sympathetically with you. I take great care with novices. This will be our dirty little secret! I keep everything I learn in the strictest confidence.

Age regression is fun & comforting. Sometimes this is needed when the world becomes overwhelming. Doesn’t everyone need a cuddle now & again? From infancy to teenage years explored. Or perhaps, some fun with my friends?

Have you ever sipped “Golden Champagne?” I’m sure you’d love to try it, even just once, with my gentle re-assurance. You’ll love the warmth.

I’m into the more sensual, exotic, erotic approach to fantasy. I do know how to give a quiet, bare-bottomed, over-the-knee spanking when it’s well-deserved. No fear; I’m not into the: whip ’em ’till they bleed philosophy. I always honor limitations and no marks are dispensed.

Do you love the look of a woman in very high heels, wearing sheer dark seamed nylons & lacy black lingerie or a tightly laced black corset? Or perhaps in a tight-fitting black leather dress & thigh high black leather stiletto heeled boots? I think it’s really hot & sexy! Don’t you? I’d love to model for you! Don’t you just want to take me in and worship me?

I’m sure you’ve fantasized about wearing these items yourself & perhaps dressing up in my clothes and lingerie? Well, You can do this in the comfort & privacy of my home. I’ll gently instruct you with everything you need to know to become a hot and sexy slut! You know what eventually happens to slutty girls, don’t you? Sometimes they’re forced into uncompromising positions with naughty, unspeakable intrusions!  Sometimes this is needed when the world becomes overwhelming. Doesn’t everyone need a cuddle now & again? You’ll love the warmth.

I DO NOT SESSION FROM A DUNGEON Experience domination and role play in an elegant up-market home.

You will get to know much more about me when we meet, and I about you, but in the meantime, it’s only fair to divulge a little about me and how I came to be the woman you seek. I was privately educated in the US and Europe. I acquired a passion for travel, experiencing the unexplored and the exotic- and a lust for life that has never left me.

As you can see from my pictures I have a lithe, toned, voluptuous physique. I have silky smooth skin, stunning almond eyes, full, sensual lips and a very beautiful face and above all, I am a mature, experienced dominant women, and the power of that fact is your to behold. Do you dare?

I have a no “review board” policy. If you’d like to write a review, please submit it to me personally and, if you like, I’ll post it on my site!

In my blogs I expand a little more on my interests but if you prefer a quick list to see if we might be a good fit, you can read my list of interests here.

Madame Nicole.