Air-ball-n-gag Overnights and Weekends!

You may stay with me instead of in a hotel so you’ll have my complete attention the entire visit in my luxurious, opulent hideaway. You may have your own ensuite during the visit and we’ll be in total privacy.

This is totally bespoke, of course, because sometimes my baby boy has to crawl into Mumma’s arms for an intimate encounter because you’ve been scared of the thunder and lightning and you’ll be at peace and comfort. And of course, you’ll have to suckle. Sometimes, you might get a spanking if you nibble!

Some might prefer isolation after a strong subbie encounter instead. Do you need a strict mature lady ball-gagging you, placing you in chastity then diapers and being ensconced in a doggie crate overnight? You’ll have to provide a recent reference that you’ll enjoy this as I don’t want any howling or scratching disturbing me!

24-hour visit is $12k

36-hour visit is $16k

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