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Autumn is Upon Us – Very Special Offer for You!

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year here in the Northeast. I have a very special offer for you! When you schedule with a deposit at least by the early evening the night before, I’m offering one-hour visits for a basic domination session for $300! Yes, that’s correct, it’s time to get you in here for the experience of your pathetic little life! It will be from mid-September until mid-October only so hurry up new clients!

It’s fun to have a dirty little secret, isn’t it? I can’t wait to learn about yours and perhaps tell you about mine. Oh, so dirty, baby.

Please be a dear and bear with me through the endless repetition of counties; I haven’t lost my mind! It’s for the search engines my pet. I will reach more sexy men that need a dominatrix in Westchester, a Domme or dominatrix in Fairfield, a sensual Dominant woman in Hudson County, an oh so sensual dominatrix in Hudson Valley, a well-deserved roleplay Domme in Long Island and a very needed Mistress in Bergen County. Hard to find a dominatrix in Philadelphia? Pun intended. Need a Mistress in Boston? Craving a Domme in Delaware or Maryland? Flying in for the “Winds of Change” interlude, just because? I know you need it; I know you need me badly. Not for the faint of heart or pocket, my pet.

Merchandise will be for sale on the website soon!

Whips & kisses!
Madame Nicole