Recent review from a contented submissive

Madame Nicole was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Madame Nicole suggested a highly erotic tease and tie with massage for my first session as I was apprehensive to try a real domme session but I wanted to spend some time with her learning her ways. She was easy to contact, honest

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Madame Nicole's Erotic Writing


I live dangerously, do you? Life is short, especially now, so I live it to the max. I don’t give a damn but I’m cautious. Trustworthiness & honesty are tantamount to me. Given the fact that men are sluts, bar none, it’s their nature so I’d rather not know about their indiscretions. I’m straight. I

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Role Play with Mistress

Dominated by a bossy CEO bitch

Let me ask you …Have you ever fantasized about serving, being chastised or teased mercilessly by a strict female executive? Do you yearn to be dominated by an extremely beautiful, sophisticated and powerful business woman? Do you shudder with excitement at the thought of being taken in hand and expertly controlled by a CEO dressed

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Madame's News

Foot Fetish Special

Attention all foot fetishists of Miami What is there not to love about a handsome man grovelling at my feet? Whether you are strictly a sensual foot, shoe or stocking worshipper or if you like it a little humiliating and degrading – at my feet is where you belong. I enjoy foot worship and all

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What a looooong strange trip it’s been or…

….we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly! Swimming pools, movie stars. Richard Gere, Stanley Tucci, Ralph Loren and that evil Martha Stewart are our neighbors. We even have a see ment pond! Golly gee, Jethro! It’s been such a long time and so much has happened. But nothing really ridiculous to write home

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