mistress nicole westchester

My Tribute

Sessions START at:

  • 2 hours 1k
  • 2 hours with a friend 2k
  • 3 hours 1400
  • 3 hours with a friend 2400
  • 4 hours 1600
  • 4 hours with a friend 2800

Certain sessions require a higher tribute.

Consult only at my home is $275 for half-hour, if I have time and if you take a session immediately after, it will be deducted from the full amount of session tribute.

Going for dinner and/or drinks may be arranged as part of a decadent, teasing and tortuous session if you’d like to get your feet wet, as it were, in this manner and then back to my home for some privacy!

Sessions are held from 11am to 5pm, every day for new clients.  Return clients may schedule evening visits. Return clients may arrive after nightfall because they’ll know how to find my driveway entrance.

Fly me to you

I’d love to visit you in your city or country if it interests me. Business-class travel, my time and any expenses will be incurred by you. I will travel locally when you cover my travel time as well as expenses.

If you can, please state this is your interest on the inquiry form.

Deposit Required

A 30% deposit is required for all appointments; no exceptions.

Cash app to: $NicoleSilverman

Apple Pay: 914-433-6766

Bitcoin: Ask for my Bitcoin address

A deposit may not be transferred within 48 hours of the appointment and will be kept by me. No refunds.

The Process

After you’ve filled out the application form (below), I’ll review it as soon as I’m available to do so with care. Don’t try to connect with me if you’re in a rush. I’m not. Nor do I like to be rushed to grant an appointment. I’d love to have fun with you and a sensual time does not start with a pest. Please be specific in your role-play interests so we don’t have to exchange endless emails. I DON’T want a menu list: CBT, Nt, etc. Just the role-play idea first. I lose my desire to help you so please follow carefully.

We will discuss a date, length of time and a general idea of your interests: no details at this time. Some details are better left for a face-to-face. Agreed? I’ll tell you how you may send a deposit. This is a must because unfortunately, there are too many subs that are time-wasters to Dommes. I know it won’t be you, my pet, and you know my time is valuable. As is yours. So please be prepared to put your money where your mouth is to secure an actual appointment. When I’ve received your payment you will be told the protocol for the day of appointment via call, text or email.

If you would like to have an in-depth conversation please use the Niteflirt button below.

Appointment day

Once welcomed into my home, we’ll discuss in-depth what fantasies and role-play you’d like to experience that day and any details you might have mentioned via email or telephone.

When in a softly lit, inviting room seated in cozy chairs, I’ll ask you to reiterate your desires for today’s encounter. I’d also like to learn your limitations. So if you’re a newbie, I’d like you to give this some thought in advance. If you’d like to add any background information that will be useful to me to produce the best experience ever, now is the time. I would love for this to be extremely memorable for us both.


I’d like to spend time while you’re decompressing after a session to learn what worked and what to adjust for next time, if necessary. This all sounds so formal but it’s more productive this way. I really am a gentle, caring soul and over the years of having pets and hopefully having you as my pet, as a part of my world, it’s best to be very clear.

I do love what I’m doing and would love to bring you into my secret world. You’ll love it, too!

Thank you, my pet!

Life is always better than great
when you’re under my feet,

Madame Nicole



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