Financial Domination –  FinDomme experience in New York

Hi there, bitch! I’ve been cleaning out wallets since the 70’s, since before they had a name for it! Long before Financial Domination was known to the masses. They had my photo in the dictionary next to FinDomme. The methods have changed but not the motive. Not on your part or mine. I know the thrill you get, my pathetic little wanker, just dreaming about me. And dreaming that you may someday be a fly on the wall when I’m ever so intimate with my Alpha and you’re just so pathetic, waiting, wanting… And I just love the thrill of draining you because no women ever paid attention to you.

You want me to pay attention to you. To perhaps even like you, even just a little bit. You know to get my attention you have to provide for me, to lavish me with riches. And cash. It’s what I deserve, my pet, my little slut. You do want to come into the fold now, don’t you? Well, hand it over. I know you get a thrill when you click the buttons to drain yourself and replenish me. I know your pathetic little winkie throbs.

Financial Domination – Do it on line and then inquire about in person, RT drains.