Foot Fetish Session with NY Mistress, Madame Nicole

Foot fetish sessions are a favourite of mine and I’m always happy to indulge new and experienced pets alike! Read on for some words from a recent, happy, foot slave ~ Madame Nicole

foot fetish session in NYHaving a foot fetish since I was a youngster is no easy thing to deal with. It had been many years since I had indulged into my fetish, about 15 years to be precise. I had been in contact with Madame Nicole for a few years, and being nervous I was never able to follow through and make an appointment.

Finally, I had decided it was time, and boy am I happy with that decision. Madame Nicole was an absolute professional!! She sat me down after meeting and spoke with me for a while about my likes and dislikes regarding my foot fetish. I was so pleased with the conversation and caring attitude, I would not hesitate to make another appointment. The beautiful location and privacy were most important to me as well.

Thank you Madame Nicole for helping me enjoy my foot fetish again.

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