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Happy 2023!

Je suis l’outré saint patron du sadisme

Happy 2023! I trust this year brings you many blessings and happiness. Thanks to all current and new subscribers. I appreciate you. Especially when you visit or have a phone chat or FaceTime with me.

I’ve had a great month, 2 wicked shoots; one here at The Manor and one in Miami.

I’ll be entertaining subbies and fetishists at The Manor with Mistress Stormi, who’s almost as wicked as I am! We have great times together. You will, too!

I’ll be returning to Miami 3-8 February for a shoot and perhaps to see a subbie or two with my great partner in crime, Ms. Nisa.

Thank you to all the great subbies and fetishists that visited this month and thanks for all the wonderful gifts!

Whips and kisses bitches!

Love, Madame Nicole

I’m so looking forward to seeing you in my private up-market, secluded home or perhaps in warmer climes! Stay alert with Twitter @theMadameNicole or Instagram @milkingtablemamanikkiwest to see my movement. Better than GPS!