Madame's News

Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a wonderful, enchanting time of year for me and I’m truly extra grateful for all the blessings I’ve received and the ones yet to come.

Here’s a little about me as so many of you have asked:

The Sicilian origins

It suffices to reminisce over Italian origins yet concealed but come to light when something or someone stirs up a passion deep inside me. This is my true calling where my passion for life and eroticism come to life.

I know you need a safe, warm and inviting escape right about now. It’s time to return to centre, have pure bliss. Steal away for a moment, my pet. I offer knowledgable and caring, non-judgemental insight and implementation of your secret, darkest, perhaps perverse desires.

I am the paradigm of perfection. I’ll take you to heights you’ve never known and perhaps only imagined.

**** Reset restart refresh rejuvenate reinvigorate ****

I went to a killer concert at The Capital in Port Chester NY, to experience Jeff Beck, one of the greatest guitarists of my time and Johnny Depp, the best pirate ever who happens to be an outstanding singer and wicked, soulful guitarist. Kudos to his quick snapback from the BS trial. I was in Heaven for days after the show!

Inśhallah, I plan to see Hollywood Vampires, with John, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry etc in Istanbul next June. Woohoo! Lookout Turkey, I’ll be back. Get in touch. I can’t wait. Can you my pet?

I have some great lady friends joining me for sessions. Ms. Stormi is so hot and taught me some new tricks. Think mirror, warming stones, or hot rocks as I call them, and getting under the milking table to give you the mind-blowing experience you deserve and need. Do it. Don’t ponder. Just do it. Send in the reservation form now. Just me or a duo.

I’m so excited to have Ms. Nisa join me again for a few days, 16,17,18,19,20 November only! Lordy, Lordy, how we have fun with a guest whether a subbie or a milking table massage enthusiast. We blend so well together and anticipate each other and what you need. And want. Really need and want. We’re too intuitive, we’ve been told.

Ms. Stormi and I had a fabulous meal at Rosina’s of Old Greenwich. The cuisine is to die for and the chef is brilliant. The atmosphere is lively and fun but intimate. Highly suggested. Are you ready to dine with us? Then private time with un ménage à trois? I dare you. Inquire via reservation form.

May the sun shine warm upon your face. Until we meet again, don’t give up on your dreams. I will make them a reality.

I’ve acquired les accouterments to heighten your experience on the milking table and craft it even more sensual, personal and exciting than ever before. Precisely and strategically placed mirrors offer you sublime insight into my well-honed craft gently exciting your throbbing tingling member to culmination. Especially with an interior massage for the brave boy willing to let me blow your mind.

I’ll be in Nashville for the Green Berets Benefit show at Kid Rock’s American Badass Honky Tonk, Veteran’s Day weekend in November. Please touch base in advance if you’d like to meet me!

I’ll be in Miami briefly on 15,16,17,18 December for a photo shoot so get in touch well in advance if you’d like an early Christmas gift and perhaps give one to me!

Lots of love from The Manor,
Nikki/Madame Nicole