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Happy November! 

Autumn is officially here! I love this time of year; crisp mornings, sunny days and warm and toasty times inside The Manor. It’s time to get warm and snuggly with hot indoor activities! I know you’re aching for it. For a hot sexy distraction. I know you’re bored. You really need to treat yourself, don’t you? No one else does. Perhaps with naughty, forbidden distractions? Think about it for a minute. I won’t judge, so share your dirty little secret with me in total confidence.

Well, do I have a distraction for you this month. Hot damn, don’t get your knickers in a knot, baby. Think: tall, dark and handsome. Very tall, very dark and oh, so very handsome. Did I mention sexy and sensual? Lordy, Lordy. My friend David will find some time to join me in our unique entertainment possibilities totally bespoke for you! Now really, my pet, you have to use your imagination.

We’ll give you the best sensual massage ever and perhaps light double domination sessions with lots of worship, bondage, golden champagne, tie and tease, SPH, roleplay, CBT, strapon, spit-roast, humiliation, with tease and denial. So exquisitely tingling. We’ll make you beg for more! Or you know what my pretty? The big black strap on? Or a real one? I know some of you are salivating right now. Cuckolding your fancy? Bring it, baby. You name it! We love it! Pricing is a bit different and I’ll inform you after you’ve sent in the reservation form.

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Ms Ginger Snap and I had so much fun doing duos or double sessions with a few guests this month that she’s availing herself for another month of decadence and debauchery! It’s so heartwarming to give a stressed-out, over-worked, unappreciated male the time of his life! Use imagination, please.

Double Domme, Domme/dom session in Westchester County, Fairfield County, Orange County, Bergen County, Hudson Valley, Newport or Providence Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts, Bucks County, Philadelphia or Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

Who would love an edging and pegging massage in Westchester, an edging massage in Fairfield, a pegging massage in Hudson Valley, an edging massage in Long Island, a sensual pegging in NYC? Baby, I know how to provide and I absolutely love what I do!

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Please be a dear and bear with me through the endless repetition of counties; I haven’t lost my mind! It’s for the search engines my pet. I will reach more sexy men that need a milking table mature sensual massage in Westchester County, a relaxing milking table sensual massage in Fairfield, a sensual milking table massage in Hudson County, an oh so sensual milking table massage in Hudson Valley, a well-deserved sensual milking table massage in Long Island and a very needed sensual milking table massage in Bergen County. Coming from Boston, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania on your way to NYC? Visit with me. The best. And you know it. Brush off the cobwebs and open your wallet for the time of your life.

This is for the select few that value their masculinity and peace of mind. And I’ll/we’ll rock your world baby. Be thankful, happy Thanksgiving! I’m so grateful to all of you; past and current guests and the future ones that will cross my threshold for the magic I offer.

Hugs and kisses…