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Happy October and a special friend is visiting!

Wow, September came and went so quickly and I had a great month; I trust you did as well and had some relaxing downtime. Do you still need a day-cation? I know you do, my pet. Come to Mama, my pet. I’ll care for you like no one ever has done. I know you need me as I know how to treat you.

I had some great total body massages by subbie “spa boys”, foot massages with wonderful lips and tongues by foot fetish sluts and met some great new guests within the Madame Nicole – Roleplay – naughty sessions. We had a blast. So many naughty boys needed discipline this month! Goodness, gracious. I did several multi-hour doubles or duos with Ms. Nisa. So hot, so naughty! She’s off to warmer climes and hopefully, I’ll meet up with her after the New Year in Miami!

This coming month, a dear school mate, Ginger Snap, will be joining me in October and November. We rode together since we were 13 in another posh, leafy suburb nearby The Manor. She’s a private riding instructor for those wishing to be competitors across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. She is a world champion and devotes her life to her passion. So, it goes without mentioning that she’s great with any type of whip for the not so timid. She’s also really sensitive and intuitive like me. Ginger’s also really sexy and sensual so she has quite a diverse personality in her petite physique. She loves to have fun, especially with naughty boys. Spit roast anyone?

A very dear and wicked friend, a Palm Springs mistress, will be joining me right before the Christmas holidays. Time to “Deck the balls”, oh, I meant, “Deck the Halls!”

It’s fun to have a dirty little secret, isn’t it? I can’t wait to learn about yours and perhaps I’ll tell you about mine. Oh, so dirty, baby. Do you have a secret fetish? Do you like to wear silky women’s panties? Do you need to be forced into my sexy lingerie? Do you crave being tied down and seduced like never before? Do you need to be verbally and physically humiliated for that pathetic, tiny winkie that no female desires? Do you crave to touch a stern, commanding woman in latex? With your lips, your tongue? Do you need a good “whooping” for all your transgressions? Lordy, lordy, the list goes on.

Winds of Change Interlude for the very select few

The Summer is winding down and the winds of change will be blowing in soon. Where will they blow you? Or will you continue to ignore the primal calling? Or will you stand up to the call, the need, for the decadent intimacy only a skilled, mature sensual woman will offer you in the privacy of her globally-curated furnished antique Manor home on over 9 wooded acres tucked quietly away? It’ll be our dirty little secret, n’est-ce pas? Would you like to know a bit more about me and why I will be your dirty little secret? And, oh Lord, why you’re mine as well?

I’ve travelled the world and I’ve gained exotic knowledge to enhance and enlighten your visit with me. I’ve learned how to give pleasures of the ways of the East when I lived on the fashionable side of the Bosporus overlooking the glimmering sea in Istanbul from an exotic, modern-day harem Madame in her tiny underground, secretive oasis of pleasure.

I’ve learned wickedly naughty tricks of depravity from a gigolo in Tangiers, Morocco who serviced men and women. And sometimes both at once! Way too much fun, my pet. How do I know? Guess, my pet.

I’ve learned what it’s like to spend a long, slow afternoon or evening lounging poolside or sailing along the shoreline, tasting mouthwatering, juicy fruits, soft, silky cheeses and wonderful bubblies while being caressed by the sun and an intermittent breeze at a villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. I’ll recreate all this for you in the new wing of The Manor that has been expressly designed for this decadent pleasurable interlude.

I’d love to share a sudsy bubble bath or stimulating Jacuzzi bath with you in the lavish marble en suite of the new wing. I’d love to give you a total-body skin renewal treatment followed by a magic mud wrap with heavenly products I’ve collected on my travels. Perhaps, you’d like to massage me and cover me in the lovely silky mud and then rinse me off? Delicious and oh, so sensual and sexy. Tingling yet, my pet?

I know you fantasise about being my ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime private, dirty little sex slave when I’ll force you to do unspeakable things. Really unspeakable things and I’ll take advantage of your helplessness. Too naughty, too taboo to describe here. Use your imagination for the forbidden, bitch. You’ll fantasise about me every spare moment, whilst touching yourself in the shower, when you get your annual birthday gift from the Missus, whenever you crave “rubbing one off” in traffic. You’ll want me to own you for the 3 hour “interlude” which will be the highlight of your pathetic little life.

Two recent references from upscale providers necessary or an active LinkedIn account and your business email for newbies. I’m quite discreet with the info and I must know exactly who is going to be spending such decadent, lavish times with me. Let’s slip away my pet! Splurge on yourself. We only live once, bitch. Let’s rock. I love it!

Please be a dear and bear with me through the endless repetition of counties; I haven’t lost my mind! It’s for the search engines my pet. I will reach more sexy men that need a dominatrix in Westchester, a Domme or dominatrix in Fairfield, a sensual Dominant woman in Hudson County, an oh so sensual dominatrix in Hudson Valley, a well-deserved roleplay Domme in Long Island and a very needed Mistress in Bergen County. Hard to find a dominatrix in Philadelphia? Pun intended. Need a Mistress in Boston? Craving a Domme in Delaware or Maryland? Flying in for the “Winds of Change” interlude, just because? I know you need it; I know you need me badly. Not for the faint of heart or pocket, my pet. 

Whips & kisses!

Madame Nicole

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