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Happy Roctober, my pet!

Happy Roctober, my pet!

Welcome to all new newsletter subscribers. Hello to the usual suspects.

As the weather tries to turn colder, we have thoughts of naughty indoor activities. Don’t you? Of course you do! I certainly do.

It’s warm and toasty and ever so inviting in my home, as established clients and subbies well know. And for those of you on the fence, get off it and come for an exciting visit that you’ll never forget.

You do know I give a wicked massage as well, fence bitch? Ask for details if you’re too apprehensive for a Domme/fetish session. It’s a nice segue into my world at The Manor.

I also have some very naughty friends that may join us. You’ll have to visit me solo first if you’re a new client, or have spanking great recent references from an upscale provider for me to waive this rule. Return clients only have to beg. Oh, it can be so decadent and

Something special for established clients: when you write a wonderful review for me, sent to, I’ll do something really special for you in your next visit. Contact me for details.

I’ll have some very hot special offers in the Winter so stay alert, bitch!

It’ll be enema time soon when you bitches overeat and need Dr. Silverman to clean you out!

Take note ABDL, I’ve purchased some beautiful clothing and accoutrements for you in The Nursery.

So, who has the balls to step up for a session this month?

Life’s always better than great
When you’re under my feet,

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