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Welcome September! My birthday month. I’ve always loved September, with cooler days and eventual sharp winds brewing. I love the drama of the change. Don’t you find it exciting? Well, perhaps not as exciting as being over my knee with your bare tushie exposed for a hand-spanking, or on your knees in front of me, naked and vulnerable, waiting breathlessly for me to give you a service command?

mature mistress wearing latex while sipping champagne

Did I catch you in my lingerie closet sniffing around? Were you caught in the act in my toy box? Oh, naughty boy! Now you know what’s in store for you. Be in touch to schedule it if you’re brave and willing to obey. I just adore subjects, or are you an object, for many hours of fun!

Or have you been such a good and perfect boy and I’ll nourish you with great rewards?

Schedule within 24 hours of receiving the newsletter and receive a complimentary half hour, you naughty boy! I can’t wait! (Offer ends Thursday 13th September 2018)

Holiday Blessings,
Madame Nicole