On occasion, I’ve been asked for my wish list. Thank God I can provide nicely for myself. What I’d like you to do is help a rescue that I hold in the highest esteem.

Susan and Charles Machin, two retired barristers from Manchester who live near Marrakech, Morocco have taken on and cared for donkeys and other large animals that have been discarded after being overworked. Now, during the pandemic, people have been abandoning their beasts in record numbers, some being left to die on the side of the road.

Susan, Charles and the staff of hard-working dedicated local men along with a vet are doing what they can to save these wonderful souls. I help them as much as I can. Would you please help them, too?

When you send a gift, please tell me so I may do something really special for you. Blessings.


Please tell me when you’ve donated so I may give you something special. Remember my pet, this is tax deductible.