Puppy Play session in Westchester, NY – A review by butterfly

Puppy play and pet play is a unique form of role play within the domination and submission realm in which the submissive takes on the role of an animal – a pet, or sometimes even a mythical creature. As an animal lover, and owner of five beautiful Afghan Hounds, I am well equipped to receive human animals and I consider myself a caring and understanding handler and owner. Enjoy the following review by my pet puppy, butterfly.

Lead on a Leash

I entered Madame Nicole’s exquisite mansion. She greets me with a hug. Soon after we had a bit of a chat, she had me undress. I stood there naked. She then asked me to get on all fours and assume the position. A position I am all too familiar with – doggy. An avid pet and dog lover, She loves transferring us mere mortals into human pups. Puppies that She can own, control and teach.

human puppy training Westchester NYShe then proceeded to dress me up with a collar, leather puppy hood, booties and mitts. But something was still missing – a tail. She took out this rubber tail that was a dildo on one end and went behind me. I was in full view of Her, nothing to hide. She slowly inserted the tail into my willing butt. It stretched me, it felt good. The slightest movements causing ripples of pleasure through me. She had me wag my tail just like any happy puppy.

My transformation was beginning. She then began training me – sit, heel, bark, roll over, catch and lead me around on a leash. I was Her puppy now, under Her control. I had to eat and drink from my puppy bowls.

So, eventually puppy had to pee, so she led me outside into her garden and puppy found the nearest stop and peed, just like any puppy would, I lifted my leg and marked the tree. After that, she had me play a few games in the garden, had me sniffing around for scents and marking my territory. I was in deep sub space, almost animal like, I could only bark and whine.

puppy boy behaving well, good boy

She then brought out Her real dog and had us meet and play together. I was now just one of Her many dogs. Sniffing at each other, licking, playing. I was in puppy heaven.

Words lost me – the animal emerged. All while I was being led on a leash.

The journey continues with Madame Nicole as my owner and liberator.

Truth in submission.


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