Recent review from a contented submissive

Madame Nicole was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Madame Nicole suggested a highly erotic tease and tie with massage for my first session as I was apprehensive to try a real domme session but I wanted to spend some time with her learning her ways. She was easy to contact, honest and fair. She was on time and met me outside of her stunning Victorian house. The inside is as beautiful as the outside and her space was perfectly clean and set the mood ideally. Nicole is more than I ever could have hoped for! Beautiful, flirtatious, fun and sexy all in one! I would highly recommend.

The Juicy Details

She is always available for me, she calls me her pet, and always in a good mood! Her house is stunning, set in a suburban NY/CT border Victorian neighborhood. I honestly felt like I was stepping back in time. The rooms are meticulous and decorated perfectly for a massage or BDSM.

Madame Nicole touched me in ways that I have never been touched before. It was by far the best “finish” I have ever had. She is a genius!

She started with entering the room in vintage lingerie, black and white lace, matching. From the beginning, she put me at ease, lying me face down and touching everywhere from my head to my toes. A quarter of the way through, she straddled me on the table and I could immediately feel her warmth. She slid up an down, teasing me more and more, closer and closer. This continued for along time, un-rushed and it was amazing. At the end, she started to tug more and more grasping my balls and shaft one at a time and then together. It was erotic and turned a little rougher and hotter towards the end. As i started to squirm, she flipped me over and finished as king where i wanted it. very hot!
Her looks and charms were also everything I expected and more. A classy, old school, movie star look that clearly keeps herself in great shape.
I would highly recommend and will be back again!