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The Original Westchester Domme 

Loving these dark, moist days at The Manor, Westchester NY

I’ve been a real Domme since I was a youngster. Noviciate Sister Mary Mother f ing Silverman didn’t last long in the convent. My victims were two-legged whom I tortured; no arrests btw, and a professional dominatrix or Mistress since my NYU days in Manhattan in the glorious and quite decadent 1970s. 

I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Madame Lissette, otherwise known as Wicked Wendy, at a shady walk-up dungeon on Bleecker Street. I had some of the best times of my life being with her and learning from her. This started out as a part-time after-school “job” whilst I obtained advanced degrees in journalism. Little did I know that it would turn into my career because it’s my passion. She was such a trove of knowledge, expertise, and graciousness. I will never forget her. I strive to emulate her when I mentor new ladies. I insist you be mature, not a silly female, and have a natural ability as a Domme, not someone trying to make some money because it doesn’t end well. I can see through you in a New York minute with just an email. It HAS to be in your blood. I don’t care about your bottom line. Stick with your day job. 

Ms. Nisa is a natural and I love playing with her when we’re in the same town together. We’ve had the best times together. 

After I successfully owned and sold 5 dungeons and the largest escort service in the tri-state area, I kept Wicked Wendy’s secrets and still use them today to everyone’s advantage. What happy days. 

Things have simplified tremendously. God’s been good to me. I like to have one-on-one experiences with my subbies and I enjoy you tremendously. I see a large cross-over trend from the milking table massage, bondage, and prostate play that is all really part of a D/s experience. Except some men don’t know/won’t come to grips with it. I love to get into my subbies hearts and heads and extract the real reason why a smart, successful man wants to be degraded, humiliated, sex slave to a hot, experienced MILF or GMILF. Sometimes, the experienced ones have said they’ve never been asked this and I believe it’s mandatory for me to participate in your best session ever. No wonder I have men tracking me down from the ’90s, pre-Istanbul days. 

Oh, and I just love the young ones, too. I make you all delve deep into your soul and tell me your darkest secret. You know I’ll go to the grave with it. This brings me to role-play. Sometimes for a male, it’s the easiest way to live out a sexy and sensual session whilst slowly releasing your innermost secrets to yourself first. This happens to be my specialty. Extracting. 

It’s way cool for me too, as you’ve probably figured. I never was allowed to babysit and was NOT a cheerleader so the opportunity to be her and be absolutely wicked to you, a pre-pubescent or pubescent boy with a crackling voice and a little fuzz growing on your face and around your tiny winkie then seducing the daylights out of you and forcing you to do unspeakable sexy treats to me and I to you is so fun. This is not an act. I’m just wicked AF. 

So, I’ve been pretty busy the month at The Manor and I had the wonderful opportunity to join Ms. René Joile from Australia and Ms. Pascale at Catch Steak for a lovely filet mignon dinner and catch up! You may catch Ms. René in Oz or request an FMTY. Which brings me to… I’ll be available for them too if health concerns are in my favour! 

I’ll be selling all bespoke latex outfits, gowns, and lingerie worn once for shoots. Inquire via email or wait for the site. 

I trust this gave you a bit of insight into my world!  

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Whips & kisses,

Madame Nicole, the original Westchester Domme