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💋💋💋UNPRECEDENTED, temporary closure of The Manor

Desperate times calls for desperate measures — Hippocrates

It really saddens me to announce for the first time ever, I’ll be temporarily closing the doors to the Manor. I’ve loved all my clients and have enjoyed your company as much as I hope you’ve enjoyed mine. I have an alternate way of staying close to me. Read offer TWO below.

My heart and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and I appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this Coronavirus.

I wish all of my guests, past, present and future, great safety and wisdom as we move through the unfolding world events. We pray that this Coronavirus disappears as quickly as it appeared and that relationships will be stronger as a result.

I’m offering anyone that prepays now additional complementary time. This is my sole livelihood and I draw income solely from interaction with clients.

90 minutes will receive 1/2 hour complimentary
2 hours will receive an additional complimentary hour
4 hours will receive 2 additional complimentary hours.
Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

You may purchase with Apple Pay to 914-433-6766
Google Pay to
Cash app to $NicoleSilverman
Other transfers and arrangements may also be made. Inquire:

One other thought! I’ve recently purchased a naughty milking table. The WebMistress is working on the decadent website and I know you’re going to love it whether you’re a massage client or a subbie.

So, you’re asking, “what’s a milking table?” A milking table is much like a traditional massage table, except it has been customized for the comfort and pleasure of a man — no more wiggling and shifting to avoid crushing your most delicate parts. It makes for the utimate erotic massage experience.

My new erotic massage table is designed to give me maximum accessibility to your entire body while you are face down, thereby allowing you to experience erotic sensations you never felt before! Wink, wink!


I’m offering the hottest SKYPE & FACETIME sessions. Isn’t this so hot? In the privacy of your home, office or car? How naughty is that? I’ve had two car clients already this week!

$75/half hour, $120 per hour. Phone calls are $60/half hour. Paid with Apple Pay to 914-433-6766, Google Pay to
Cash app to $NicoleSilverman or amazon gift card to

Please email to and we’ll set it up! Lots of fun! Naughty fun, my pet. Oh yes, very naughty fun. How I love this!

All the best my pet,

Madame Nicole