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Ever wondered about Wet And Messy fetish?

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We’ve been having a very mild Winter in the northeast, I hope Mother Nature has been kind to you. ililiSit! and I jumped on XO for a quick respite to Miami, where we were graciously hosted at The Biltmore in Coral Gables once again. Many and endless thanks to all of you who make it possible for us to live comfortably. (Do you think looking up your bums has something to do with it? All you dirty boys that need to be pegged?)

We’re gonna live on a jet someday 

Breakfast at the 19th hole:

I had a great spa day there and then we dined at Sexyfish, who also owns Annabelle’s in London, so I knew it would rock. The cuisine, mostly Asian which is suburb, atmosphere, and decor are breathtaking with killer loo’s by the way. 

Wet and Messy sessions with Madame Nicole

I went up to Twin Peaks to see the boys, and ladies of course, of the Punishers. What warming, inviting hospitality. They rock! 

Locally, I had a great dinner date with the loveliest, kindest young man at Rosina’s in Old Greenwich, yes again, for a scrumptious dinner amongst other incredibly amazing dishes was the egg raviolo with shaved black truffles, prosciutto so paper thin, drizzled extra Virgin, hah, not me, olive oil and the de rigueur shaved black truffles, A killer rare rib eye meant for royalty and a couple of sides. We had a great dinner and then really had a great time later! 

Domination, submission, and fetishes are all intuitively explored and enjoyed! 

Topics: degrading psychological mindfuckery and a new concept of sexual deviance. 

WAM Wet And Messy sex

Describes a fetish of sorts that involves getting covered with some form of goopy messy substance. This can be either food, such as mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce, chocolate sauce, pancake batter, decadent truffle oil, etc. Or a non-food delight like mud, sweet crude oil, liquid dish soap, and the like. To me, this should be normal naughty porn material, and freaky “dry and clean sex of any sort just using lube would be a fetish.

Sweetheart, did you get the groceries? 

Yes, and I picked up maple syrup, honey, vegetable pâté, and a disposable plastic shower curtain for our WAM encounter.  Let your imagination run wild on the product choices and I’ll use my imagination to create a Wet and Messy fetish role-play or we may just roll around on the padded plastic like oiled-up mud wrestlers, but much naughtier. How naughty is up to you? Please add a note about Wet and Messy fetish in the comment section of the inquiry form so I can tell you if it’s a hot idea or maybe kick it up a notch. Or two. 

One of my newer games is degrading  psychological hypnosis mindfuckery

Humiliating mindfuckery and JOI

These are great submissive, humiliating tortures that can be done in person or, on a lonely day/night at home or in the office, to entertain me via sexting, perhaps with pictures, a verbal phone call, or a video call. I know you’re lost without me and need jerk-off instructions to bring you to that special place, all the while being degraded and on your knees for me. 

Tell me your darkest secret; slut training to be my bitch, a man’s bitch, be my human toilet, forced to lick every part of my voluptuous body, a dog,  a diaper-wearing baby that I call ABDL, a piece of inanimate furniture, a sissy maid toilet cleaning whore, a sex slave to have his genitals tortured and abused, to be penetrated in a humiliating position in every orifice, or a myriad of other humiliating ways I can show you my unique, shameful mindfuckery games for my pleasure and amusement. 

This is a great stress reliever and more economical when you can’t find the time or funds to travel to me and stay a few hours. This is soooo wicked either way. It’s time for you to try it. Go ahead, live a little.  I’ll get you around the back turn and the final stretch of Winter in a surprising, fun for me, pathetic new way for you. 

In fact, it would be my absolute pleasure to try new mindfuckery ideas to see how low I can degrade you. We all like a change every once in a while now, don’t we? 

So, let’s get cracking and send in the inquiry form!

“Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat“, translated from Latin into, “fortune favors the bold”, is reminiscent of the motto for the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines.

Life is always great

When you’re under my feet,

Madame Nicole

Please tolerate my endless mindfuckery with repetitions that have proven to be quite useful to search engines.  I haven’t lost my mind! I will reach more sexy men that need a dominatrix in Westchester, a Domme or dominatrix in Fairfield, a sensual Dominant woman in Hudson County, an oh-so-sensual dominatrix in Hudson Valley, a well-deserved roleplay Domme in Long Island and a very needed Mistress in Bergen County. Hard to find a dominatrix in Philadelphia? Pun intended. Need a Mistress in Boston? Craving a Domme in Delaware or Maryland? Flying in for the “Winds of Change” interlude, just because? I know you need it; I know you need me badly. Not for the faint of heart or pocket, my pet.