About Me

Hello, I'm Madame Nicole of Upper Westchester and Istanbul, Turkey.

I'm a sexy, sensual, sultry mature Dominatrix who truly enjoys most aspects of role-play. I have some fetishes that we both may enjoy. I'm looking for a man who truly loves to serve me. I love telling you what to do to please me, because I know what I like and I'm not inhibited nor too shy to tell you.

At this time of my life, I know what makes you tick, I know how to get past your hard exterior & delve deep into your soul. I'm comfortable with these explorations, therefore, you'll feel quite comfortable in my presence. This is what's it's like when you're with me: comforting, relaxing, enjoyable, thrilling. We'll both have a great time. That's what it's all about now, isn't it? I love sharing my knowledge & years of experience with you, in a quiet, intimate setting.
I have the experience & confidence of a lady that has experienced much and traveled the world to share this with you. Perhaps you'd like to try something a bit different. You don't know how to approach the significant other for the usual fears. I'm here to share this with you because I'm understanding. Truly understanding of another side of you that you may not want to expose to just anyone. Confide in me, I won't judge you, I''ll simply explore sympathetically with you. I take great care with novices.This will be our little secret. I keep everything I learn in the strictest confidence.

Do you love the look of a woman in very high heels, wearing sheer dark seamed nylons & lacy black lingerie or a tightly laced black corset? Or perhaps in a tight-fitting black leather dress & thigh high black leather stiletto heeled boots? I think it's really hot & sexy! Don't you? I'd love to model for you! Don't you just want to take me in and worship me? I'm sure you've fantasized about wearing these items yourself & perhaps dressing up in my clothes and lingerie? Well, You can do this in the comfort & privacy of my home. I'll gently instruct you with everything you need to know to become a hot and sexy slut! You know what eventually happens to slutty girls, don't you? Sometimes they're forced into uncompromising positions with naughty, unspeakable intrusions! See My Pix if you don't get it. You will :)

Age regression is fun & comforting. Sometimes this is needed when the world becomes overwhelming. Doesn't everyone need a cuddle now & again? From infancy to teenage years explored. Or perhaps, some fun with my friends?

Have you ever sipped "Golden Champagne?" I'm sure you'd love to try it, even just once, with my gentle re-assurance. You'll love the warmth.

As you've read, I'm into the more sensual, exotic, erotic approach to fantasy. I do know how to give a quiet, bare-bottomed, over-the-knee spanking when it's well-deserved. No fear; I'm not into the: whip 'em 'till they bleed philosophy. I always honor limitations and no marks are dispensed.

Let me ask you …Have you ever fantasized about serving, being chastised or teased mercilessly by a
strict female executive? Do you yearn to be dominated by an extremely beautiful, sophisticated and powerful business woman?

Do you shudder with excitement at the thought of being taken in hand and expertly controlled by a CEO dressed in the best of suits and the highest of heels? Do you have a scenario that you would love to bring to life? Have you thought about exploring your submissive side, but the thought of seeing someone in a 'dungeon' just doesn't appeal to you?

Look no further * I DO NOT SESSION FROM A DUNGEON * Experience domination and role play in an elegant up-market home.

It's been tough, I know. You've searched high and low, over field and dale. At last you've found me. A beautiful, powerful Mistress.
I am THE STRICT MANHATTAN BITCH you've only met in your dreams.

You will get to know much more about me when we meet, and I about you, but in the meantime, it's only fair to divulge a little about me and how I came to be the woman you seek. I was privately educated in the US and Europe. I acquired a passion for travel, experiencing the unexplored and the exotic- and a lust for life that has never left me.

As you can see from my pictures I have a lithe, toned, voluptuous physique. I have silky smooth skin, stunning almond eyes, full, sensual lips and a very beautiful face.

My interests are varied but it is role-play that I enjoy more than anything. There are many sides to my personality. I can be the cruel bitch whose sole desire is to possess you, mind, body and soul. Perhaps I will degrade and humiliate you as you grovel at my feet. I can tease and taunt you whilst I assert my authority over you. It all comes so naturally to me - as you will find out.

The list below should whet your appetite. I can convincingly slip into the role of:

Adult Mothering
Auntie of an Adult Baby or Adolescent,
Dog/Puppy Trainer,
Feminisation Mistress,
Foot Mistress,
Evil Governess,
High School Bully,
Horse Trainer,
Interrogation Mistress,
Lady Of The Manor, My fave:)
Nurse Specialist,
Police Woman/Prison Warden,
MILF with Pool boy,
Wicked Step-Mother,
Trampling Specialist,
Wicked Wife, Ex-Wife
Does that begin to fire your imagination?? I really enjoy foot, rubber, leather, down pillow fight, boot and shoe fetishists and cross-dressers of all stages!

My Location:
I reside in a leafy, posh and residential area, a few minutes from Ridgefield, Ct. and Bedford, NY, in Upper Westchester.

You can also rest assured that on visiting me you will be entering a very smart, bright, spacious, and completely spotless home. We will be entirely alone unless another Mistress, Master or subby boy is requested well in advance for our second encounter. Daytime only, weekends included, until sundown for new clients. Return clients may schedule for any time within reason. PHONE and VID SESSIONS available with prior payment via Amazon ecard or prepaid amazon gift card.

Please read all this information, it's here for a reason then please submit an inquiry form and I'll reply via email as soon as I can. Afterall, a Domme's life is a busy one:) Have patience my pet.

Tribute: Sessions START at $475 for 90 minutes, $575 for 2 hours, $775 for 3 and $975 for 4 never-to-be-forgotton hours! A consult only is $275. Going for dinner and/or drinks may be be arranged as part of a decadent, teasing and tortuous session if you'd like to get your feet wet, as it were, in this manner. Sessions are held from 10 AM to sundown, every day. Return clients may arrive after nightfall because they'll know how to find my driveway entrance. Deposit to be sent well in a dvance to secure your booking via Amazon.com or FreshDirect.com egift card.

Specialties: Foot, Leg and Butt Worship, clothed face-sitting, Adult Babies, Age Regression, Bondage, CBT, Strap-on, Sissy Maid Training, Feminisation, OTK Bare Bottom spanking, Edging or Edge Play, Financial Servitude, Foot & Body Worship, Golden Champagne, Humiliation, Verbal & Otherwise, Medical Play--Nurse Nicole or Dr. Silverman, NT, Dog/Puppy Training, Tease and Denial, Tie and Tease, Trampling, Sploshing, Wax Play, Flogging, + other fantasy submissions.

A polite email no longer than 10 lines in the special request area that tells me about you and catches my interest will get further instructions on how to visit with me. I'd like your name, age, profession, home town, experience or newbie and urgency to schedule.
Would you like to chat with me? A phone session perhaps? Discuss an upcoming session? Of course there's a tribute required my pet. Please click here:  https://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/8843459-Ultimate-World-Class-Lifestyle-Domme or you may use the button at the end of the links.

Life is always better than great
when you're under my feet,

Madame Nicole





Name: Nicole Silverman Main City: New York City, NY Sex: Female Measurements: 38DD-28-36 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 118 lbs Age: 41



The Process

After I've identified your role-play request and interests via your inquiry mail from the site, I'll review it as soon as I'm free to do so with care. Don't try to connect with me if you're in a rush. I'm not. Nor do I like to be rushed to give an appointment. I'd love to have fun with you and a sensual time does not start with a pest. Please be specific in the role-play so we don't have to exchange endless emails. I don't want a menu list: Cbt, Nt, etc. Just the role-play idea first.

I loose my desire to help you and I don't want to loose my patience so please follow carefully. I'd like your first name, age, profession, general vicinity--Upper Westchester, The Sound, Upper NJ, local, New Haven area etc, coming into NY area from Katmandu or Oshkosh, along with your mobile number, all quite necessary. Experience-if any, newbies are fine, approximate day and time of visit, a second choice and a BRIEF idea of your interests. More than 10 lines and it will be discarded. You'll never hear from me.

Then I would like to have a phone conversation with you so please be sure to provide a mobile number and times you may receive my call which is mandatory. I will always text first to see if you're available. I will not call at this point until I have received confirmation from you via text. I'm quite busy so please be specific and answer when you say you will. Two tries and Poof! Discarded.

We will discuss a date, length of time and a general idea of your interests: no details at this time. Some details are better left for a face-to-face. Agreed? I'll tell you how you may send deposit. This is a must because unfortunately, there are too many subs that are time-wasters to Dommes. I know it won't be you and my time is valuable. As is yours. So please be prepared to put your money where your mouth is to secure an actual appointment. When I've received your payment you will be told the protocol for the day of appointment via call, text or email.

Appointment day

Once welcomed into my home, we'll discuss in depth what fantasies and role-play you'd like to experience that day and any details you might have mentioned via email or telephone.

Unless the encounter begins when you enter, which will have been thoroughly discussed in advance. Very fun, by the way. As you might have ascertained by now, I love role-play.

When in a softly-lit, inviting room seated in cozy chairs, I'll ask you to reiterate your desires for today's encounter. I'd also like to learn your limitations. So if you're a newbie, I'd like you to give this some thought in advance. If you'd like to add any background information that will be useful to me to produce the best experience ever, now is the time. I would love for this to be extremely memorable for us both.

Post session

I'd like to spend time while you're decompressing after a session to learn what worked and what to adjust for next time. I'm sorry if this all sounds so formal but it's more productive this way. I really am a gentle, caring soul and over the years of having pets and hopefully having you as my pet, as a part of my world, it's best to be very clear.

Why don't you check my reviews? theeroticreview.com ID 138532

I do love what I'm doing and would love to bring you into my secret world. You'll love it, too!


Tribute and and deposit info:

Sessions start at 475 USD for 90 minutes, 575 for 2 hours, 775 for 3, and 975 for 4 scrumptious hours with me! Certain sessions require a higher tribute.

How to send a tribute deposit: A deposit of $100 via  FreshDirect.com or an Amazon.com e-gift card or purchase an Amazon gift card at CVS or similar. This payment has to be received to secure your appointment, not given to me at time of session.

Thank you.

Life is better than great when
you're under my feet,

Madame Nicole


No blocked numbers. No text messages.

I'm Ready to book




These great ladies intervene on behalf of abandoned, abused, neglected or lost Afghan Hounds. They also help owners who can no longer keep their Afghans and need to place them. NEAHR receives its funding from individual donations, fund-raising events and donations from Afghan Hound Breed Clubs. Their goal is to match the dog with the right 'forever' home.


These ladies rock! Based outside of Boston, vet costs are high so I help them regularly.  I also use an Amazon link to donate a small bit from each purchase, you may too to get these babies to new, loving homes. The link to use is Smile.Amazon.com

Then choose North East Afghan Hound Rescue





Foot fetishists special! Please enquire with the contact form and specify that you're a pure foot fetishist and then I'll grant you a deep discount!





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